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17th January 2018by Talk Intelligence

When it comes to generating new business opportunities the effectiveness of outbound telemarketing has been proven time and time again. Nothing beats human interaction for communicating sales messages, fielding questions or clarifying details building brand awareness and setting appointments. But for companies who’ve decided to go down the telemarketing route, one important question remains: which his better, in-house or outsourced telemarketing?

Over many years in the industry we’ve answered this question so many times it’s easy to come up with a list of reasons to opt for outsourced telemarketing over setting up an in-house operation. Here are the top five.

Outsourced telemarketing costs less

Hiring someone to conduct your outbound telemarketing might seem like the lower cost option on the face of it, but there are almost always additional costs to factor into in-house telemarketing than just the salary of the employee. For instance, the cost of additional equipment, training, holidays, sick pay, bonus payments, national insurance and pension contributions can quickly add up the almost double a salary.

On the other hand, the same amount spent with an outsource telemarketing company buys you a team of professional experienced outbound telemarketers. This team will be ready to begin contacting your target audience right away, educating them about your brand, products and services and converting the into leads.

Training and administrative burdens are removed, allowing you to concentrate on making sure your sales people are ready for the stream of face-to-face appointments they’ll soon start receiving.

Outsource telemarketers are most experienced

Over the last decade, we’ve had many conversations with recruiters who work on B2B telemarking and they all say the same thing: that truly experienced telemarketers are hard to come by. Anyone who’s worked in sales will have some experience in telemarketing, which can easily be talked up in a CV or interview. When hiring an in-house telemarketer, how can you be sure that you’re hiring someone with adequate experience? And what are the costs (both in terms of money and time) of making a mistake?

For professional outsource B2B telemarketing companies, hiring developing and hanging onto experienced telemarketers is their stock in trade. And it’s not just the low staff turnover among frontline telemarketers which lead these companies to outperform the average call centre – the management team, support staff and business processes are all set up to deliver telemarketing success.

Professional telemarketers ‘get’ the value of your brand

This is closely related to the last reason but deserves special attention. Your brand is one of, if not the most important assets your company owns. It took time and skill to develop a communications strategy which delivers your brand messages successfully and consistently. And it will take in-depth knowledge of an industry, experience of talking to a range of decision makers from CEOs to office managers, to shape and deliver your sales and marketing messages effectively. Is this huge responsibility something you’d feel happy entrusting to a newly-formed in-house telemarketing team?

Outsourcing your telemarketing allows you to take advantage of ready-made teams with a wealth of experience in selling a wide range of products and services into many different industries. Professional telemarketers know by habit how important consistent sales messaging is to delivering successful telemarketing campaigns, and will work with to develop that messaging quickly.

Outsourcing offers greater visibility and control

The value generated by an outbound telemarketing strategy comes not just from the face-to-face appointments booked for sales people but from the pipeline of opportunities created, from the business intelligence gathered, and from the greater awareness of your brand and marketing messages. Keeping track of success in all these areas is vital not only for calculating return on investment but also for developing your strategy further. Imagine how long it would take a newly established in-house telemarketing team to provide this level of visibility, fine reporting and data governance.

When you work with an outsource telemarketing company you’re working with a team that has spent years refining their approaches to data cleansing, lead qualification and reporting. Finding out which audiences been making headway with is a simple matter, helping you quickly react to changes in the market, change your strategy, or refine your messaging to take advantage of new opportunities.

Return on investment is clear when you outsource

Any marketing or telemarketing campaign needs to generate a return on investment. To determine success the amount spent on the campaign needs to be weighed against the number of appointments set, leads generated and brand awareness developed. Here are myriad ways of calculating ROI, but whatever method of calculation is right for our business, you need reliable inputs. As we’ve see, in-house telemarketing comes with many hidden costs and less-than-perfect reporting (at least initially). Without certainty on those two fronts, how can you be certain about ROI?

With outsourced telemarketing, not only are your costs easy to calculate but the reporting is finely-grained. This means you can drill into metrics like number of calls made, number of appointments sat, number of leads generated and, of course, number of sales made across a variety of dimensions like job role, industry and company size. Which makes calculating stats like conversion rate and ROI simple and straightforward from the outset, so you’ll always know what you’re getting back for our telemarketing spend.


Outsourcing your telemarketing to a professional outbound telemarketing company offers many advantages over pursuing an in-house model. As well as removing the headache of having to hire and train telemarketing staff, outsourcing also reduces costs, provides experienced telemarketers who know how the importance of branding, provides clear, transparent reporting and makes it easy to calculate return on investment.

To find out how outsourced B2B telemarketing can help ou generate more sales, build brand awareness and grow our business, speak to the experience professionals at Talk Intelligence today.

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